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Arsene Wenger : I Told Jurgen Klopp To Calm Down

Reports are out claiming that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has revealed he rescued Jurgen Klopp from being sent off at Liverpool.

Arsene Wenger Jurgen Klopp

In the second-half of the 3-3 thriller, Wenger and Klopp appeared to be in a lengthy debate as they went in search of three points.

And the Arsenal boss has revealed the details of their discussion – and his advice for the German.

“I told him ‘calm down because they will send you into the stands here'”, said Wenger with a grin.

“At Liverpool, it is very tight – you are very close to each other.

“He had a little problem with the fourth official that he will explain much better than I can because I don’t know why.

“It was alright, there was no bad feelings at all.”

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