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REVEALED : Arsenal Legend Finally Passionate About Coaching

Reports are out claiming that Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira has revealed that he has finally developed a passion for coaching.

Patrick Vieira 3

Vieira will be making his first foray into professional management after taking over at MLS side New York City FC recently and many are keen on seeing how the Frenchman will perform in the United States.

Vieira has recently been speaking regarding his entry into football management and has stated that after initial skepticism, he has eventually developed an interest in coaching following his time spent as head of Manchester City’s Elite Development Squad.

The former Gunners midfielder said: “I’m passionate about the job. I’m really excited. I’m really determined. I’m on the front foot, you know what I mean? I want to go and get it, you know? I’m passionate about the job.

“I wasn’t ready to manage straight away. You have a few players who stopped, and managed a first team straight away and were successful, and then there are the other ones who take different pathways. And I think what was important for me was to understand what I really wanted to do.

“After I stopped I was an ambassador for the club for two years, and that gave me the opportunity to spend time in every department in a football club at Manchester City, and then I found my way to work out what I want to do.

“And then I spent time with the Elite Development Squad, and that helped me build up a clear idea, a philosophy of how I wanted to play. And I believe this is the right time for me to do it.”

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