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7 Top Best Selling Club Soccer Jerseys


screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-9-42-39-amFor any soccer team, its popularity depends on the famous players, the titles as well as the number of trophies won. Most of the soccer clubs make huge revenue every year just by selling the club soccer jerseys. So depending on the popularity and revenue, we have tried to sum up the top 7 club soccer jerseys for you.

1. Real Madrid
When it comes to selling soccer jerseys, nothing can beat Real Madrid. Approximately they sell out 1.4 million football jerseys in a year. They are the richest football team in the world which has won 32 league titles along with 18 Copa del Rey. Adidas manufactures all the kits for the team.

2. Manchester United
When it comes to the count of selling jerseys annually, Manchester United is no way behind Real Madrid. They have even managed to win 20 league titles, 3 European cups and 11 FA cups. The jerseys for the team is manufactured by Nike and the home jersey is red with black trim. If you have any plans to go for the jersey, simply use the Nike Discount code from Dealslands.co.uk.

3. Barcelona
Barcelona has a number of gem players in their team. When the name Barcelona rises no one can deny the name of top players like Messi, Ballon d’Or and others. When we talk about the jersey sales, they were the first among the club to enter the millions. The home jersey of the team is blue and red coloured with vertical bars. Qatar Airways sponsors the team jerseys that are manufactured by Nike.

4. Chelsea
Chelsea came to the limelight after its performance in English Premier League. Within a span of little time, it managed to climb the ladder of popularity. Chelsea has won 4 league titles, a Champions League title and 7 FA Cups. The home jersey of the team is blue with white trim. The jerseys are manufactured by Adidas and sponsored by Samsung. The club sells out 910,000 jerseys every year.

5. Bayern Munich
It is a German team which has managed to be honoured by 23 league titles as well as 16 cups. The powerhouse of the Bundesliga has red coloured jersey with white trim while on the other hand, the away jersey is white with black trim. When it comes to German league, Bayern Munich sells the highest number of jerseys with a number as big as 880,000 per year. The jerseys are manufactured by Adidas and are sponsored by Deutche Telekom.

6. Liverpool
Liverpool has managed to win 18 league titles, 5 Champions league titles and 11 Cups. They are one of the amazing English Premier League football team. The home jersey is completely red in colour with a few white trim. They have an away jersey with red, black and white as well as the third kit with purple, black grey and white. They sell about 810,000 jerseys in a year.

7. Arsenal
Arsenal is one of the famous English football team which is on the 7th position when it comes to selling soccer jerseys. Annually, they sell about 800,000 jerseys. The home jersey is red in colour and has white sleeves. Yellow is the colour of away jersey and they are currently manufactured by Nike.

The popularity of the stars, as well as the teams, play a big role in selling out club soccer jerseys. This is the top 7 clubs that have managed to get the big figures when it comes to selling the jerseys. The numbers mentioned here are purely from the clubs rather than the fake ones you find in the market.