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Adebayor Stamp Almost Blinded Me – Van Persie (Video)

van persie stamp
Robin Van Persie has let rip at Emmanuel Adebayor, raging: You set out to hurt me on purpose.

The bloodied ace reckons he was lucky not to have been BLINDED during Man City’s fiery clash with the Gunners.

Van Persie was left clutching his face after Adebayor lashed out during City’s thrilling 4-2 win.

He fumed: “I am sad and disappointed by my former team-mate Emmanuel Adebayor’s mindless and malicious stamp on me during today’s match.

“We are both professional footballers and I know that the game is physical, I too have made hard and sometimes mis-timed challenges but never with the intention of hurting an opponent. He set out to hurt me today.

“I knew he was aiming for a collision because he changed the angle of his body to allow contact to be made.

“He moved backwards when his natural momentum would have taken him forward. I find that deeply disrespectful. He has shown a real lack of class today, to me and the fans.

“I do feel lucky that I have not suffered a greater injury. The contact was only centimetres from my eye.”

A lot of people are saying that Van Persie should stop whinning as there was no malicious intent involved, but i beg to differ, look at the video closely and you can clearly see Adebayor using a little more strength to land a stamp on Van Persie’s face.

But than again Van Persie lunged in with both legs at Adebayor and who knows what would have happened had Adebayor not manage to escape that tackle.

Source: The Sun


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