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Agger Believes Steven Gerrard Can End Liverpool’s Losing Streak

Steven Gerrard 1

Liverpool defender Daniel Agger believes that the return of Steven Gerrard can end the club’s losing streak.

Rafa Benitez’s men suffered their third defeat in a row at Sunderland on Saturday, with their skipper missing out through injury.

Central defender Agger, who is expected to start tonight’s Champions League clash against Lyon claims that Steven Gerrard can help inspire the Reds to get back on the victory trail.

The Danish defender told reporters that Gerrard would lift any team in the world. He also added that Gerrard is not only a brilliant footballer but also a really good person and a strong character, someone who helps others.

Agger went on to say that a person like Gerrard is hard to be without and having him back is a great boost, not only for his football abilities but his personality.

The defender also added that Steven Gerrard a fantastic captain and is always in the front line protecting the team and working hard.

Agger ended by saying that every player in that team, especially the younger ones, will say that Gerrard has helped them in one way or another.

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