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Arsenal Legend Seaman Offers Advice To Wojciech Szczesny

Wojciech Szczesny 2

According to reports from BBC Sport, ex-Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman believes Wojciech Szczesny can use his battle with David Ospina for the number one jersey to make himself a better goalkeeper.

“With Wojciech, it must be hard for him now to be number two, coming off the back of a season where he was a regular and had been playing at his best, but it is totally just because he had a couple of bad mistakes and Ospina has gone in and done his stuff,” says Seaman.

“It is not just the games which make you play better, it is the training.

“The goalkeepers train together, and you see the other guy, you think ‘I want to be better than him’ or ‘I am going to show him how good I am’. That is day to day and is good because it brings the best out of you and tests you, so you become a better goalkeeper.”

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