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Arsenal Legend Wright Hopes Anthony Martial Succeeds With Man Utd

Reports are out claiming that Arsenal legend Ian Wright hopes Anthony Martial will prove a success with Manchester United.

The Gunners legend wants him to shine in the Premier League to prove the top-flight has not gone cash crazy.

Anthony Martial 5

He told the BBC: “Like myself, not many United fans will have seen much of him in action but, starting this weekend, he is going to be under major scrutiny because of how much he has cost, his record up to this point and the fact a club of their size has signed him. The pressure will be immense.

“So I hope that he proves to be the absolute gem of a player that United think they have bought, for his own sake and for the sake of English football too.

“Otherwise, United spending so much on a teenager who has scored only 11 goals in 52 matches in Ligue 1 will just be used to show how the money in our game has gone completely crazy.

“At the moment, that is what most people seem to be thinking. His fee could rise to £58m and every single former player I have spoken to has been amazed by how much he has cost considering how little football he has played.

“On paper, what he has done is not that impressive either. If Martial had scored 25-30 goals I would be thinking ‘that’s only in Ligue 1’ and he has not even got close to that.

“His goalscoring record does not say to me that he is going to be the new Sergio Aguero, but I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised.”

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