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Arsenal Midfielder Mathieu Flamini Not Interested In Entering Management

Arsenal midfielder Mathieu Flamini has declared that management isn’t for him.

Mathieu Flamini 1

The French midfielder has no intention of taking to the touchline as a manager when his playing career ends.

“It’s not my style,” said Flamini. “I’ve been playing at the top level now for nearly 13 years, so I don’t see myself as a coach or assistant coach. Who knows? Maybe one day in the management of a club, but not at pitch side.

“There are a lot of sacrifices when you’re a coach and you have the same routine as the players. You travel every game and every day you’re on the pitch. It’s a huge commitment.

“Arsene Wenger has devoted all his life to football and to Arsenal. He is someone who loves what he’s doing and you can see it and feel every day at training.

“It’s a huge commitment and what he did for this club is incredible, because he has turned it into one of the best clubs in Europe.”

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