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Arsene Wenger Dead Against Arsenal Post Season Tour

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Reports are out claiming that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is dead against post season overseas tours.

The French tactician has branded the emerging trend of post-season tours as a “nightmare”.

Arsenal were exploring the idea of playing additional matches in either India or Malaysia after their initial trip to Singapore – but have decided against it, a decision Wenger is happy with.

“I’m pleased with that because pre-season is always difficult if you cannot prepare well,” said the Arsenal manager.

“Post season tours are a nightmare – I will never do it. In pre-season you have the players under pressure with the focus of starting the season well.

“A post-season tour, I always feel people come along to watch but the players are half on their holidays.

“It is a relaxed atmosphere with none of the intensity of a pre-season game.

“Maybe it is a holiday tour and good to have a relaxed atmosphere together. But from a purely football point of view, there is not much meaning – let’s be honest.”

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