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Arsene Wenger Determined To Keep Hold Of Cesc Fabregas

Sensational news are out and it has been reported that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has declared that he has no intention of allowing Cesc Fabregas to move to Barcelona this summer.

Wenger maintains that his young side are on the cusp of greatness and is not interested in looking to dismantle a team which has taken him years to build.

Wnger told reporters that : “What is important is that Cesc has a great World Cup and what is also important is that he comes back to Arsenal and has a great desire to do well for the club,”.

“We want to keep our best players, that is my huge determination.

He went on to say that : “I have built this team for years, from 16-17 years of age with most of the players, and we want to continue to work with them because we feel they are very close and the team has many strengths in many ways.”

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