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Arsene Wenger Fears Ramsey Will Never Be The Same Again

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger fears Aaron Ramsey may never be the same player again.

Although the Frenchman is confident the player will make a full recovery he candidly admits that the mental scars may never heal.

Wenger told reporters that he rates Ramsey as highly as you can, international class and that what people forget is that when you are a football manager you are always scared.

He added that with the injury that Ramsey has sustained, you know he will come back but you never know what the psychological impact on your future game is and that is what you are scared of.

He added that some players put their foot in straight away again and some players are never the same any more.

He also said that these players lose that little bit of freedom to go into the challenges and losing just that and you are not the same player anymore.

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