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Barcelona make better deal with Neymar

NeymarSpanish Giant Barcelona are readying themselves to extend title winner of the English Premier League Cup Manchester United’s target Neymar a new contract.

According to free bets forums; the Spanish team has also extended the Brazilian International a pay rise cutting short summer long speculations and securing the forward’s future with the team.

As it is well known by now, Manchester United made enquiries concerning the Brazilian during the recently closed transfer window period trying to sign Pedro.

However, Barcelona is nowhere in considering selling the forward, and their pay rise play makes Neymar the club’s second highest-paid player after sensational player Lionel Messi.

Messi is an Argentine International, who takes home after taxation around twenty-two million pounds annually. The new move from Barcelona will tie Neymar’s fate to the club until 2020.

Punters trolling free bets forums agree that twenty-three-year-old Neymar’s contract is set to expire in 2018. However FC Barcelona’s former president (Sandro Rosell) promised the Brazilian International that he would be granted a new deal come 2016.

Club president Sandro Rosell tendered his resignation from the Spanish team in 2014 after a controversy broke out. The controversy surrounded Neymar’s move from Santos and how it was facilitated financially.

However, the president’s successor (Josep Maria Bartomeu), who took over the mantle as club president was re-elected in July and is dead set on offer Neymar the renewal contract. He is offering the sensational forward the contract ahead of schedule after The Red Devils showed interest in Neymar.

The Staggering Offer

Punters taking their chances at free bets were not worried when news broke out that Manchester United was willing to part with a staggering fee for the twenty-three-year-old Brazilian player.

Neymar becomes the second player to take the advantage of attracting interest from Manchester United to accrue a new deal this summer!

Another Spanish giant club Real Madrid player Sergio Ramos flirted with the Red Devils team before he recommitted himself to a renewal at the Santiago Bernabeu a few weeks ago. The reason English side Manchester United are interested in signing Neymar is quite straightforward:

Neymar helped Barca scoop a treble win in the 2014-2015 season. Unfortunately, so far in the current season, Neymar has been sidelined thanks to a bout of the mumps. However the Brazilian player states that he is happy at the club, and now that he is getting a pay rise, he can never be happier!

Free bets forums have stories that centre on Neymar as a sensational player that has scored 54 goals in 92 match appearances. The goals date back to summer 2013 when he debuted in Barcelona; however, talks about the contract renewal and pay rise between the Brazilian and his current club are yet to surface. However, it is rumoured that a meeting has been scheduled to take place in the days coming.

Several dedicated pages in free bets forums are full of praise for the 23-year-old Brazilian international and his effort in helping the Spanish side scoop a treble.

From the way things look like, it seems like either Manchester United come up with a cunning and very sweet plan to make a way with Neymar. If that isn’t the case, The Red Devils will have to give up altogether and start looking elsewhere.

Barcelona is not ready to let a prized player move away to the other side as they have invested in the player, and the new deal plus salary increment is likely to work in their favour!

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