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Ben Foster Reveals Frustration At Manchester United

Ben Foster

Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster has revealed that he is becoming more and more frustrated with his situation at the club.

The 26-year old goalkeeper is currently the England national team number one choice but cannot find his way onto United’s bench following the return of veteran Edwin van der Sar to action and also sits behind Polish shot-stopper Tomasz Kuszczak.

Foster has admitted that he finds himself in a weird situation and does not hide his disappointment at his current plight.

Foster said that it is really weird as he is the third choice for Manchester United at the moment yet he is playing for the England national team.

He added that it is very disheartening not even be on the bench at Manchester United.

He also said that Edwin Van Der Sar is one of the best keepers in the world and that he can’t go knocking on the manager’s door saying that he is not doing his job.

He also admitted that he started off well but then there was a period of two or three games where he made a few mistakes.

However Foster said that they were the only mistakes he made and that he is disappointed to find himself out of the team.

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