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Can Anyone Stop Manchester City Next Season?

With the arrival of Josep Guardiola as the head coach of Manchester City 2 years ago, everyone knew that it’s only a matter of time before he establishes hegemony in the Premier League. His team didn’t fare great during the first season, but they destroyed their opponents last season, winning the title in style after becoming the first Premier League team to attain 100 points in a single season. If it weren’t for Mo Salah, Guardiola might have added another CL trophy to his resume as well.

Manchester City was the most dominant team in the Premier League last season and there was literally no team that could stop them. Guardiola completely transformed City who bagged an incredible 106 goals on the road to the title and also had the best defensive record in the league. It was truly a season to remember for City and Guardiola, but will they be able to continue their fairy tale?

Manchester City is the obvious favourite for next season’s Premier League – after all, they haven’t lost any players yet (and who’d like to leave?) and will definitely reinforce the squad with a few players, probably after the World Cup ends. Signing exciting youngsters or high-profile players who would love to play for Guardiola’s formidable side will make Manchester City an even stronger team.

However, things aren’t so simple. Experts consider the upcoming season of the Premier League one of the most exciting in history. Why, you ask? Well, Manchester City’s domination has forced other clubs to spend and improve in key areas in order to put up with Guardiola’s team. For example, Mourinho and City’s arch-rivals Manchester United are in the hunt for a few new players, while Arsenal’s new manager Unai Emery has already bolstered the squad with great additions and a few more players are expected to sign soon. Once Chelsea decides on a new manager, you can expect the Blues to target high-profile players – after all, they have the money for it.
No, we didn’t forget Liverpool at all.

With an impressive Mo Salah at his side and a few additions, Klopp’s team could very well hold the top of the table and threaten City’s chances of a repeat. We must include Tottenham in the title discussion as well. Pochettino is already hard at work at strengthening the team and with Harry Kane up front, they should be considered a favourite.

From this perspective, it’s clear that City won’t have it that easy this season. They might have danced through the PL last year, but the spending spree of several Premier League clubs speaks volumes of their ambitions to trump the Citizens. The odds for the 18-19 Premier League title are already out at bookies across the UK. If you’re planning on putting a bet on any of the teams, we strongly recommend finding a guide to free bets online – by using them, you can earn a nice sum of money in return for literally nothing!

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