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Can England Actually Win the World Cup?

The hype is so real right now and it has hit astronomical levels, yes, I’m talking about English fans who are now really believing that their team could just do it and bring the World Cup back “HOME”.

23.6 million people tuned in to the game between Colombia and England and that’s not even counting those who watched it on big screens all over the country, but the question is, can England actually win the World Cup this year?

Yes- they could do it!

For the first time in a long time it does feel like England’s destiny is in their own hands, the amazing calmness and focus that Gareth Southgate has brought to the team is slowly but surely paying dividends and his time at the youth stages of England’s football structure has allowed him to understand the likes of Lingard, Sterling, Loftus-Cheek, Trippier and co better than any other previous England manager and harness their strength and respect.

Southgate said after the game against Colombia that the told his team to “write their own history and not be bowed by pressure of the past” and it was a good advice because that’s exactly what they needed to overcome the dreaded penalty curse that has prematurely ended their tournament many times before.

The sense of belief within the England camp is rising and with every game the team is getting better and better, I dare say the team is peaking at the right time and each opposition brings out different aspects of their character and sharpens the team even more, they already have the hottest on form striker in the team, they have used most if not all players in the team and they have won psychologically by beating Colombia on penalties.

I think they have many things going for them and the momentum is there too, one cannot win a tournament without a proper striker and Harry Kane is just that, he has somehow managed to translate his club form to the international level and is on track to win the Golden Boots In this tournament. It’s not just goals that Kane is bringing to the team, he seems to also be so calm on the ball under pressure, and believe me he was under pressure before that penalty against Colombia , he took it in his stride and now had become a beacon for the team to put their trust in, he leads by example and most importantly, by goals.

The second this in their favor is the general cohesiveness and togetherness of the team, I can’t recall watching an England team so closely knit like a family, it’s as if everyone forgets about which clubs they play for and forget all the rivalries involved , and it shows on the pitch as well, the team is playing a better passing game, reading the game tempo well and finding each other on the field without being panicked or making rash decisions.

Thirdly, It seems that Southgate has made the right decision in picking Pickford as the main goalkeeper, not since David Seamen has England had a dependable goalie who barks orders and is also a good shot stopper, it’s a pity that everyone will remember him for his penalty save against Colombia but may overlook his brilliant save from Mateus Uribe moments before Colombia snatched an equalizer. Dropping Joe Hart completely while choosing Pickford as a number 1 has been good so far.

All in all England does have a bright chance this time around and I’ve been following the FIFA World Cup odds for tournament favorites via this unique tracker,
And their chances are getting brighter by the day, at the moment Sweden stand in their way but we shall know soon what this team is really made of.

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