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Cech : There Is No Problem With The Jabulani!

It is not all bad news for the World Cup ball as Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech has given the controversial Jabulani the thumbs up.

The 2010 World Cup ball has been slammed by players competing at the World Cup.

However Czech Republic No1 Cech said: “I played with the ball for Czech Republic against Turkey and I found the ball fine.

“There was no problem. Of course, everybody has their own opinions.

“You see during a normal season similar mistakes, but you don’t blame the ball then.

“Suddenly we come to a big event and when there is a mistake, someone loses the ball or loses his concentration and everybody looks to the ball. I don’t think it is the right attitude.

“The ball is the same for everyone. It depends on many things – like the weather, the way the ball is kicked, the part of the pitch it bounces on and many more reasons. My experience has been positive.”

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