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Cheryl Cole Gives Ashley a Hint – Fight For This Love (Video)

It seems that X Factor’s Cheryl Cole is giving Ashley Cole a not so silent hint in her latest music video (below), the aptly titled song called “Fight for this Love” is probably directed straight at the left back who not so long ago got caught cheating on her. Her new single, Fight For This Love, and upcoming album have a fresh image that sets Cheryl well apart from her fresh-faced early Girls Aloud days and their current sexy styling.

Instead, the 26-year-old appears to be turning to icons such as the Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie for inspiration.

A source told Heat magazine: ‘Her stylist, Victoria Adcock, worked with Cheryl on creating a younger, fresher look from the one she has on The X Factor, which is all grown-up labels and structured dresses and shirts.

‘Cheryl realised that if she was going to go it alone, she needed everything to be totally different from Girls Aloud.

‘For her music, Cheryl and Victoria went for something fun and rocky – she is, after all, a young girl and she wanted her new look to reflect that.’

The singer has reportedly also been involved in writing material for her upcoming solo album Three Words.

‘Cheryl’s never written her own lyrics before, but most of her songs are based on her own experiences,’ the source added.

“One song, ‘Please Don’t Talk About This Love’, is particularly personal – it’s clearly about her relationship with Ashley”.

Her new look is a combination of fierce studs and spikes to Hepburn-esque glamour through to street wear. It is more reminiscent of her look in Will.I.Am’s video for Heartbreaker. Full Story


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