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Cristiano Ronaldo : I Have The Edge Over Messi!

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo insists he has the edge on Barcelona’s Lionel Messi – in height and weight!

Ronaldo and Messi face-off this weekend in the El Clasico.

“I am the biggest,” declared Ronaldo. “At least in height! I’m taller and wider than Messi. He is having a phenomenal season, is in great form and is among the best now and always.

“I’m doing a good job, I’m very happy and confident that the years I will spend here will be very good.”

On the prospect of finishing the season trophyless, Ronaldo added: “It could be a bad year, because for a team like Madrid to not win titles, it’s not good. But I am sure we will win.”

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CR9: “I am sure we are going to win”
“I will try to score, assist and help my team in every way possible to beat Barcelona”

During today’s press conference, Cristiano Ronaldo said all bets are off when Real Madrid host Barcelona on Saturday.

“This may be the most important match of the season. Whoever wins will hold a slight advantage in the race for the league title, but there are still many matches to be played and we need to try to win all of them.”

“The season is winding down, so whoever wins on Saturday will have a little more confidence than the other team and the opportunity to draw a match. Both teams are very ambitious so no matter what happens we cannot give up. There are a lot of matches left and we have to fight to win every one of them.”

“I am taller and wider than Messi (laughs). He is having a great season and will now and forever be among the best players ever. But the coach and entire team also deserve credit. Messi does not play alone. He has great players by his side. I am working very hard, I am happy and I hope to continue feeling good. I will also be one of the best players around while I play here.”

“Real Madrid’s best asset is their ambition and Barcelona’s is their team spirit. We know how well they play and how difficult they are to beat, but we also have our artillery. We have a good chance of winning as long as we stay focused. I am sure we will play well. That said, I wouldn’t mind losing on Saturday as long as we win the league. What difference is there if we beat Barcelona and then lose the next two matches?”

“I respect Barcelona but I do not fear them. They have a very complete team. I will do my very best, like I do every weekend. I will try to score, assist and help my team in every way possible to beat Barcelona. I am not worried about a thing. I just want to do my best and make a difference. I think it will be a very even match that will be decided by small details. May the best team win. But I hope Real Madrid is the better team. I am sure we will come away with the win.”

“I expect a great atmosphere at the stadium. We feel much more confident when we have the support of our fans. I am sure they will be very excited and that they will help us a lot. The team is excited about the match and we are very confident. We believe in this match because it may just decide the winner of La Liga. We have very high aspirations.”

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