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Cristiano Ronaldo Smashes Window of 17-year-old girl’s Car

Cristiano Ronaldo mother CRISTIANO Ronaldo today admitted flying into a rage and kicking a car’s windows when a teenage girl tried to film him in the street.

Ronaldo said he lashed out after the 17-year-old girl allegedly followed him and his mother in Lisbon.

Reports suggest the girl was a fan of the Real Madrid player but Ronaldo claims she was travelling with a paparazzi photographer who was following him and his mum Dolores.

The 24-year-old said he snapped after the photographer followed him and his mum.

He said: “I was accompanied by my mother, and he by a young woman who throughout our whole journey ostensibly and provocatively filmed all our movements.

“This persecution caused my mother to be so disturbed and upset that I had to stop my car to try to convince them to leave us in peace.

“I try to swallow it and remain indifferent. But when my mother is involved, then I’m sorry but I don’t let anyone, I repeat anyone, harass her.

It seems the pressures of being the world’s most expensive player is slowly creeping into Ronaldo’s life, i know no one likes to be followed around but surely he SHOULD have expected that kind of attention once he made his mega deal move to Madrid.

I’m also sure it’s going to be worst once he actually starts living in Madrid and without a father like figure like Sir Alex to take care of him i don’t know what might happen, but hopefully he settles well and learn from this mistake.

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