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David Beckham Eager To See Cristiano Ronaldo Return To Man Utd

It has been reported that Manchester United legend David Beckham says he’s like to see Cristiano Ronaldo return to Old Trafford.

David Beckham 4

The Real Madrid star is considering future in 2016 and been linked with United.

“I’d have crawled back if I could but I never had the opportunity,” admits Beckham, who still felt something was missing despite going on to play for Real Madrid, Los Angeles Galaxy, Paris St Germain and AC Milan.

“I’d never advise any player to not return to Man Utd. If he decides to leave Real Madrid, then for me personally, it’s back to United.

“Cristiano is such a fans’ favourite here, he was so successful here, such a hard worker. Everyone you talk to or has played with him says he is one of the most talented players in the world.”

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