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David Moyes : Rooney Can Handle England Pressure

Everton boss David Moyes says England are right to rely heavily on Manchester United star Wayne Rooney.

He believes England are right to maximise every quality Rooney has – even the aggression which pushes him so close to the edge of danger.

Moyes said: “People might say England over-rely on Wayne, and maybe they are right.

“But who wouldn’t when you have someone in your team of his ability, strength, passion and desire?

“What will also be true, however, is that the opposition are likely to worry about him and that gives the likes of Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard the chance to profit and score goals. But Wayne will score goals, too. We have seen in the last season what a natural he is at hitting the net.

“He is a natural all-round footballer and that will be important in any crisis because his ability and understanding of the game is such he could play centre-half, full-back and midfield, too. There are three great players in the world right now: Messi, Ronaldo and Rooney and I think in South Africa you are going to see Wayne rivalling those two.

“Certainly he’s going in there as the most feared striker in the world. His ability with the ball, his ability without the ball and the way he finds space makes him a huge danger.

“Over the past year people have also expressed surprise at how good he is in the air. He always was, but it was not so obvious because he would often be playing deeper so he wouldn’t be getting on the end of crosses.

“Now that he plays as the main man up front, aerial power is demanded of him and he delivers because he’s a natural forward.”

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