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Donovan : I’m Ready For The World Cup!

LA Galaxy and USA star Landon Donovan says he is better prepared for the 2010 World Cup than he was for the last tournament in Germany four years ago.

The USA’s all-time leading scorer is on the verge of competing in his third World Cup when South Africa kicks off next month and after a paltry display in 2006 is ready to give his best this time around.

“I thought back for a while, now I focus on the present,” said Donovan. “That lesson has been well-learned.

“In life, opportunities come around every so often you have to take advantage of. I wasn’t prepared, nor did I take advantage of it. In any facet of your life, when you don’t do that, it’s disappointing.

“At 20 (in the 2002 World Cup), it was youthful exuberance and naivety. Now there is more responsibility and, in my opinion, greater opportunity. I enjoy the challenge of that now. In 2006 it became burdensome because I wasn’t ready for it.

“I no longer focus on things I can’t control and worry about things outside of myself. I’m not good about worrying about what other people are doing on the field, what my teammates are doing. I am very good when I am focused on being aggressive and the player I can be.”

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