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Ex-Man Utd Defender Parker Insists ‘No One Enjoys’ Playing For Louis van Gaal

It has been reported that former Manchester United defender Paul Parker believes ‘no one enjoys’ playing for current Red Devils boss Louis van Gaal because of the way he ‘selfishly manages’ the team.

Memphis Depay 15

Parker believes van Gaal’s conservative approach has left a number of the United players frustrated with their manager.

“I look at Anthony Martial and worry for him,” Parker wrote in his Eurosport column.

“He looks like a boy who doesn’t smile anymore. He doesn’t look like he’s enjoying himself.

“The form Memphis Depay is showing hasn’t just happened because he’s playing in the Premier League. That boy probably feels like a scapegoat.

“He’s in a country relatively close to where he’s from, but feeling a million miles away.

“Van Gaal puts the fear of God into players. It has to be his way. He selfishly manages the team. And no one enjoys it. He may be a successful manager, but he must learn – even at his age – to become a good man-manager.

“At the moment we have to say he’s not man-managing that team. All those players he’s got are not bad players, and they’ve not played negative football all their lives.

“He’s being incredibly stubborn. Any player who doesn’t conform to what he wants is chopped.

“He looks for a player who’s made a mistake, then drops them for the next game.”

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