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Experts Expect Man Utd’s Shaw To Be Sidelined For Up To Nine Months

It has been revealed that Luke Shaw is expected to be sidelined for up to nine months with his double leg fracture.

Luke Shaw Injury PSV

The 20-year-old England international left-back sustained the injury in Manchester United’s 2-1 Champions League defeat to PSV Eindhoven on Tuesday night in a strong challenge from defender Hector Moreno.

Regarding the seriousness of the injury, physiotherapist Professor Graham Smith told Sky Sports News HQ that the England international will be out for at least six months but was quick to indicate that the double break sounds like it may be much more severe.

“Any injury like this always sounds really severe and any fracture to a bone always sounds worse than it really is,” he said.

“The actual recovery for it depends very much on the immediate treatment.

“Having both of the bones broken in the lower limb sometimes sounds worse than it really is, because if one’s broken, then obviously the other acts as a splint,” Smith added.

“Realistically, you’re looking in the region of six to nine months [for Shaw to be out].”

He added further: “Six to nine months is probably the optimum recovery time to get back.

“Bones will recover but it will take time. As the bone goes through its healing stages, his fitness will be maintained.”

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