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Fabregas interested in joining FC Barcelona


Sensational transfer news are out and Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas, has admitted that he would like to join Spanish champions FC Barcelona even though he still wants to win trophies with his current club Arsenal.

The player recently told Spanish media that he wants to win trophies and that when a player ends his career, he wants to be able to look back and feel that he was an important player and to have some medals.

The playmaker also added that it is what every player aims for. He added that he wants to win and that he is very happy at Arsenal, but the team have gone four years without any success and, for a player that wants to win things, that is a long time.

Fabregas also added that it is clear that it would be special, but he is also clear that Arsenal had made him captain for half a season and that has brought added responsibility and ties him to the club even more and now he would really like to lift a trophy as captain of the Gunners.

Fabregas also said that Barcelona have not made contact with Arsenal about a move to the Camp Nou but if that happened, it would be unusual and that he would be delighted.

Fabregas also revealed that Pep has always been his idol. The player also admitted that he has always played in his position and wear the number four like him. Pep was Fabregas’s hero when he was young and the one he has tried to be like.

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