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FAI Chief Exec John Delaney Urges Thierry Henry To Do The Right Thing


France international striker Thierry Henry was that told he risks being remembered like Diego Maradona unless he and France agree to do the right thing.

FAI chief exec John Delaney outlined his suggestion for their World Cup play-off to be replayed in a letter to FIFA and the France Football Federation.

Delaney said from a French FA point of view, they need to look at themselves.

He added that Thierry Henry is the team captain, a wonderful footballer but does he want to be remembered like Maradona where his legacy is a handball?

He added that if he was Thierry Henry he would not want to be remembered for that.

Manager Giovanni Trapattoni has admitted he did not expect FIFA president Sepp Blatter to order a replay to be played.

However Delaney added that it is up to the French FA and if they came out in the next 24 hours, he believes FIFA would go with that.

Delaney said that this is not just one football match as the whole world is looking.

He then went on to say that there is a team that should be in the World Cup and that is the Republic Of Ireland.

Thierry Henry Hand-ball

Diego Maradona “Hand Of God”

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