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Franz Beckenbauer Blasts Chelsea’s Decision To Release Michael Ballack

Sensational news are out and it has been reported that German legend Franz Beckenbauer is disappointed by Chelsea’s decision to release Michael Ballack.

Beckenbauer feels he fell victim to the fact Chelsea failed to win the Champions League for a seventh season since Roman Abramovich’s takeover.

Beckenbauer told reporters that : “It’s a shame for him because he’s not the youngest any more,”.

“Maybe another year or two would have done him good at Chelsea, but I can understand their disappointment.

Beckenbauer also said : “Abramovich has invested millions over the years and, while of course winning the league and the cup is a success, he has the aim of winning the Champions League and he has not done that so he is revolutionising his team.

“They have aged a bit and I can understand that they want a younger team. It’s just a shame that that affects Ballack.”

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