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Give Eduardo A Break, Says David Beckham


MLS soccer superstar David Beckham has called for an end to the vilification of Arsenal striker Eduardo.

The two players will be playing against each other on Wednesday when England take on Croatia looking for the victory that would confirm their place in next summer’s World Cup finals.

But David Beckham has found that the attention Eduardo has attracted for his dive to win a penalty for the Gunners in their Champions League tie with Celtic distasteful.

And now the 34-year-old winger feels that enough is enough and said that there has been far too much talk about players diving.

Beckham said that no-one wants to see a player dive and it is very disappointing when it happens but it happens every week and Eduardo is not the first person to have done it.

Beckham went on to say that the whole thing should be put to bed.

He also added that Eduardo is a great player and it was not that long ago that he suffered the horrific leg injury.

Beckham also said that no one knows what was going through Eduardo’s mind as he might have been trying to get out of the way of a tackle so that he did not get injured again.

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