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I Hired Pepe to Put Curse on Ronaldo – Paris Hilton

As anticipated, Paris Hilton has admitted that she is indeed the mysterious woman behind the recent curse saga on Cristiano Ronaldo.

The billionaire heiress and star of films such as House of Wax and Pledge This, has admitted to Life & Style magazine that she did indeed hire Pepe’s services to get back at her former flame.

“I can’t stand it when someone is mean,” she said. “I want a man anyway, not someone who runs about like a little girl. He’s a wimp!

Things could get worse for the FIFA World Player of the Year before they get better as Pepe revealed it is his job “to do everything possible to prevent Cristiano Ronaldo continuing his career in football”.

However, Real Madrid fans need not fear as another mysterious sorcerer ‘Fafa’ has counteracted Pepe’s spell with one of his own.

“I have lit candles next to a picture of Cristiano to put the matter to an end,” he said.

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