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Jose Mourinho Ready To Change Chelsea’s Style Of Play

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has admitted that he is determined to change the way they’re playing.

Jose Mourinho 7

The Blues have suffered the worst start to the season under the ownership of Roman Abramovich.

When quizzed further about whether he was worried about how the first month of the season has gone, he said: “If you like to make comparisons, you have to wait. It’s not the way you start, it’s the way you finish.

“The perfect way is to start good and end good, but out of the two it’s better to finish well and start bad rather than start good and finish bad.

“I don’t like the way Chelsea were playing the last couple of years, the club didn’t like it. We have the players to change, we want to play a different style.

“I always said I do not want to be protected by what I did in the past. I have been asked about missing Didier [Drogba], but that’s history, we want to change and are going to change.”

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