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Klopp Insists Liverpool Won’t Compete With Man Utd, Man City In The Transfer Market

It has been reported that Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp admits they need to be clever in the transfer market.

Jurgen Klopp 10

Nearly two months into the job, Klopp has begun outlining where he needs to improve the squad he inherited from Brendan Rodgers.

“There are so many mothers in the world that have brilliant sons, so you don’t always have to take the guys that everybody knows,” he stressed in his own inimitable style.

“In my opinion, it would make sense if you only think about players you can get. If you want to battle with the city (points towards Manchester), we can pay 100, they can pay 120, it’s a crazy market. Please don’t do it.

“I’m here from morning through to night, we talk about players and make sure we are prepared for the moment when we need it. That’s absolutely normal. But I don’t feel at this moment it would help if we take five players. This decision isn’t for today or tomorrow.

“I haven’t asked the owners (about his budget). I’m sure we could do something. The only answer I can give is we won’t do anything only because it’s possible.

“We only want to do something in January if we feel it is necessary or there is an opportunity where we cannot say no.”

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