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Lampard Believes Manchester City Can Do A Chelsea

Frank Lampard

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has revealed that he thinks that cash rich Manchester City can do a Chelsea and leave one of the Big Four facing meltdown.

Frank Lampard was part of the Roman Abramovich revolution six years ago when Chelsea smashed their way into the European big time with the backing of their owner’s incredible wealth.

Now Lampard believes Manchester City can use the same tactics to muscle in on the Champions League.

The England international said that the top four is more under threat this year than ever before because of the emergence of Manchester City and the money they have got.

Lampard added that normally the big four will eventually rise to the top but with Manchester City, it will be different.

The midfielder added that after spending £150million, Manchester City should expect to stay the course and Frank Lampard Believes that Manchester City will.

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