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Lampard : John Terry Is No England Traitor!

England midfielder Frank Lampard has declared that Chelsea teammate and long time buddy John Terry is no England traitor.

Lampard revealed that it is unfair that Terry has been portrayed as a traitor and leading a mutiny against Fabio Capello and stressed the need to focus on Wednesday’s game against Slovenia.

Lampard said in a press conference that : “It is disappointing. I don’t see anyone out here trying to win the World Cup and representing your country can be branded a traitor.

“We are footballers and when the politics and the off-the-pitch stuff start taking over everything then there is something a little bit wrong.

“We have to be concentrated now on the game and what we do on the pitch.

“I try not to pay too much attention to what is written or said.

“I don’t know how everyone deals with it but as a group we have to stay strong and try not to let outside influences affect how you perform.”

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