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With the FA Cup ongoing, Spain showcases Samuel Umtiti who is the Barcelona defender, to be unhappy about the contract terms that he has at Camp Nou. This also includes a release clause of £53m. The recent deal that the Catalan giants have formed to get Lionel Messi shows that the team’s budget is already thin. However, if Umtiti is not able to get what he wants from the team, Jose Mourinho is in the wings and would be able to activate the release clause for the Frenchman and get him over to the Manchester United team. Among other news of transfers and releases is David de Gea who is on his way out of the team of Old Trafford. He is a Spanish goalkeeper who is much awaited in other teams. Real Madrid has also been looking at him for long. He has stated that Mourinho would let him go for Bernabeu after the season ends. Toni Kroos would probably be offered in exchange by Madrid team.

This summer will also see Luka Modric has left Real Madrid, subject to Los Blancos securing a Champions League title for the third successive time this term. The former Tottenham playmaker might be looking at moving to Italy, but Pep Guardiola, who is monitoring the situation, will probably have the final say. Stefan De Vrij, who is a Lazio defender, would have his current contract finishing off this summer. He is also being considered as a target for transfer to Manchester United. He recently confirmed his movement of the Roman club and stated that he knew that he would be disappointed the Lazio fans by his move.
Liverpool has Alisson who is the Roman goalkeeper and this has boosted their ranks. Milan is looking for a new striker and Suso is their current scoring in the top that is part of series A. Rossoneri has identified Edin Dzeko who is the former center forward of Manchester City as their top target. Liverpool is lining up to get the 18 year old Mohamed Bahlouli who has been performing well since the Lyons U19.

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