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LEAGUE CUP : Tottenham v Arsenal – PREVIEW

Tottenham v Arsenal - PREVIEW

No one really cares about the league cup do they? It has been so devalued over the years that the only league cup match that really matters is the final, and even then it’s all about the trip to Wembley, if you lose, no big whoop really.

However when one of those League Cup games is against Spurs, it the desire to win that match increases ten fold. Because …. well …. Tottenham.

sure, whoever loses will be like ‘whatever, just the league cup’, but the victors will have a little spring in their step the next day at work.

This will be Arsenal’s third away game in 7 days in the third different competition. We lost the previous 2 conceding 3 goals and getting 3 red cards, which makes a win tonight that little bit more important too.

So even in the grand scheme of things this matter doesn’t matter too much, we do want to win it and it will be squeaky bum time.

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