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Leeds United Confident Of Upsetting FA Cup Opponents Arsenal

Leeds United boss Simon Grayson is confident that the club is capable of upsetting FA Cup opponents Arsenal.

Leeds won 1-0 in the third round at Man United in 2010 before drawing at Tottenham in the fourth. Last season, they drew 1-1 at Arsenal in the third round too.

Grayson said: “Why have we done so well in the Cup? Well, sometimes it just sits with the football club. Everybody talks about us being a big club, and we have shown that we can handle the big stage. I took my son to Man City v Liverpool the other night, and he asked me ‘will they make as much noise as Leeds fans do?’

“I told him no, and they didn’t. We feel comfortable. It transmits to the players, and we’re not nervous when we go to these games.”

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