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Liverpool Hero Takes Aim At Man Utd Legend : A Big Softie!

It has been reported that Liverpool hero Jason McAteer says Manchester United hardman Roy Keane is just a big softie!

Roy Keane 3

The pair played together for the Republic of Ireland.

“What you see on the telly when he’s doing press conferences, that’s his character. He’s not like that really,” McAteer told Sky Sports.

“Does he play a role? I think he does… well I know he does. He can play it to the media and the public and he has this hard-man persona.

“But he has got a sense of humour and he is funny when he wants to be.

“Is he softer in the dressing room? Very much so. He will get annoyed, but he’d be a lot softer than you’d think and what you know of him.”

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