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Man Utd Boss Van Gaal Insists There’ll Be No Restrictions On Summer Transfer Spending

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal has declared that there will be no restrictions on transfer spending this summer.

Louis van Gaal 16

The United boss has revealed the club will happily smash the British transfer record for a second successive year if a Galactico such as Gareth Bale comes on the market.

United struck a £59.7million deal for Angel Di Maria last summer and although the Argentinian winger has struggled in his first season, Van Gaal hasn’t been put off spending big on the right player.

“I think the team is always better than the individual player. It’s more important, that’s my opinion,” he added. “But okay, I think when a player like Messi, Ronaldo or Bale can contribute in that philosophy then I would be pleased for them to come.

“It’s dependable on a lot of questions.

“In my opinion, the first question – and most important one – is: Does he fit in the profile of the position that we want? If that’s yes then the club shall negotiate and then it’s out of my hands, because I am not negotiating. Ed Woodward is doing that. I’m not the man who decides that.

“You never know if a player who costs £80m will adapt. It is not money that is playing, but the person. He has to perform the way we want to perform as Manchester United. So when you buy players costing £80m, the pressure is unbelievably high.

“It’s not so easy for the player either. So it depends whether he can perform in the way we want, that’s the most important thing.

“I look for the players who fits into our profile and then I say to Ed Woodward, ‘Okay, I want this player first. The second option is that player and then we go to third when the others are not available.’

“But he is negotiating. I am not negotiating. I’m not buying. For me, money is not important – it’s what you want to do as a team that matters, not individuals.”

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