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Man Utd Boss Van Gaal Pleased With Robin van Persie’s Current Form

Robin van Persie 25

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal has revealed that he is happy with Robin van Persie’s current form.

Van Gaal acknowledges his faith in the former Arsenal striker has been fully justified after the striker’s Man-of-the-Match performance at Southampton.

“I am very happy for him,” said van Gaal.

“He didn’t play very well [for a short spell], but you have to compare him with other players at that time. He was lucky because [Radamel] Falcao was injured.

“I had to compare him with [Wayne] Rooney and [James] Wilson. With Rooney, I can play a lot of positions. Wilson is a young talent and he has to show himself also in the training sessions.”

The manager’s tactical plan often means a pair of centre-forwards are on the pitch and van Persie has a number of attributes that contribute to the team’s pattern of play.

“I have always played with two strikers,” he explained.

“And only three or four times with one striker. Maybe he [Robin] was lucky, but I have a lot of confidence in him. I have already explained here what I like in a striker. Not only [the ability to] make goals, but to also be an attacking point and to see the third man [to link with when he joins the attack]. Van Persie is one of the best strikers at that.”

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