Mancini Wants Mario Balotelli To Cut The C**P!

Interesting news are out and it has been reported that Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has told Mario Balotelli to cut out the “c**p” – or risk throwing away his career.

The 20 year old Italian international striker ruined his club’s Europa League dream by getting sent off for a crazy kung-fu kick and then threw a dart at some youth players.

City boss Mancini said: “He is 20 and at that age people do c**p things.

“But maybe now the time has come for him to help himself and to understand the mistakes he is making.

“Otherwise he risks throwing away his abilities which are immense. He has scored some beautiful goals this season.

“He should think only about expressing his talents on the pitch and leaving to one side the other matters which have nothing to do with football.

“If he does not, then everybody in England will begin to make him a target – starting off with the referees.

“I understand him and everybody has infinite patience with Mario. Everyone at Manchester City has always helped him and wish him the best.”

The former Inter Milan star was hit with a two-week fine for his red-mist moment in the Europa League and could face more disciplinary action over the dart-throwing incident.

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