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Messi Believes FC Barcelona Is Still The Best


Lionel Messi has come out and say that FC Barcelona have not been rattled by Real Madrid’s mega spending and with the new arrival of players like Ronaldo, Benzema and Kaka.

Asked about the prospect of Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka leading a rejuvenated Real next season, Messi only said that he is with FC Barcelona and that he only worries about his team.

Messi added that Barcelona’s last season was spectacular and he hopes that this year Barca will do the same or at least a little of what the team did last season.

The Argentine international also added that Barcelona is the best team in the world and he has no doubt about it. He also said that the team consists of great players and they won the treble and everything else.

He also said that the club president is always very good and that he does not ever want to leave Barcelona.

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