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Miami Dolphins Star Grateful To Arsenal Legend Henry

Reports are out claiming that Miami Dolphins NFL star Jay Ajayi has revealed Arsenal legend Thierry Henry was one of his ‘biggest role models’ while growing up.

Jay Ajayi

Ajayi was born in London and the round ball game was his first love, before his family relocated to the United States before high school and he started playing American football

“My dad wouldn’t have let me or my brothers live in the house if we weren’t Arsenal fans, and it was always on TV whenever they were playing,” the 22-year-old running back said.

“Growing up I played soccer, and I looked up to guys like Thierry Henry; he’s probably one of my biggest role models, and he really got me into playing sports.

“To see how great he was for Arsenal, and of course the Invincibles team – it was a special time to be able to watch Arsenal win the league and everything else.”

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