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Michael Owen to Sign for Man Utd?

Michael Owen When your main targets like Benzema & Ribery would rather join Real Madrid than your club you know your going to have to settle for less but…Michael Owen? are you kidding me?

Punters in the United Kingdom have begun backing the former England striker for an unlikely move to Old Trafford. Leading bookmakers have therefore reduced the odds on an incredible switch occurring.

Sky Bet, for instance, have slashed the odds on the switch from 20-1 to 7-4, after United missed out on the high profile signing of Karim Benzema from Olympique Lyonnais, with big-spending Spanish giants Real Madrid trumping the Red Devils with an audacious and lucrative bid.

Few would ever have suggested that Alex Ferguson would turn to the former Liverpool striker though, more famous these days for his injuries than his goals, but desperate times breed desperate measures, with Cristiano Ronaldo already gone and the imminent departure of Carlos Tevez set to weaken the Old Trafford forward line further.

Well he is a free agent and it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra striker on the roster just as along as he is not the main signing of the summer!
Who would have thought that Utd would have such a hard time spending all that money….

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