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Motta : Barcelona Players Proved They Are Divers!

Inter Milan midfielder Thiago Motta has blasted Sergio Busquets over the theatrics that saw him sent off on Wednesday night.

Motta saw red against former club Barcelona, but his teammates held on to secure a place in the Champions League final.

Motta told reporters that : “I am not upset with the referee. No, I am exclusively angry at Busquets,”.

“I wasn’t looking when I touched him. Not only did he throw himself to the ground as if he’d been hit, but he even peeked at the referee to be sure everyone saw him go down.

“It isn’t right that I should miss a Champions League Final because of this. I said Barcelona were divers and they confirmed it. Mind you, I didn’t need such confirmation…”

It was bitterly ironic for the Nerazzurri star, who had said in his pre-match Press conference that Barca went down too easily.

“We will make a request to UEFA for video evidence and I hope it will clear me. I know that’s impossible, but I want to at least try.

“I came to Inter precisely because I wanted a team that could take me to the Final. I am very happy for my teammates.”

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