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Mourinho Insists Unbeaten Record Against Arsenal Counts For Nothing

Jose Mourinho 13

It has been reported that Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho insists his unbeaten record against Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal is nothing to boast about.

Mourinho has never lost to Wenger in 12 attempts as Chelsea boss, but that doesn’t mean he is taking anything for granted when the two clubs meet again in two days’ time.

He said: “I’m not proud (of the unbeaten record). For me, the achievement is to win on Sunday. Not the other 12 matches. I don’t look to this, to numbers, to what I did against this manager or that club. That’s not at all for me.

“I think the Chelsea players don’t even know, unless they watch TV in the last couple of days or read every paper. Players don’t look to these details. Matches are isolated events. There is no relation with the previous one or the next one.

“I don’t think they care about it. What they care about is the way we work all week, the way we prepare ourselves for the game, and the confidence we have. That’s what matters.”

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