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Mourinho : Messi Will Not Be Man Marked

Inter Milan boss Jose Mourinho has revealed that he won’t man-mark Barcelona star Lionel Messi for their Champions League semifinal.

Messi will be the man to watch on the night but Jose is not preparing any special treatment.

Mourinho told reporters that : “We will have to see where he plays as he can start from the right, the left or the middle. He is an important player who has to be looked after,”

“But my culture doesn’t acknowledge man on man marking. It won’t be one against Messi and 10 against 10. It will be 11 against 11.”

Barcelona travelled to Milan by coach and are likely to suffer from the stress of the trip.

Mourinho added : “Their trip wasn’t comfortable but if it was me I would try to use it in order to keep the players united,”.

“There are players like Dennis Bergkamp who would rather go by bus anyway. Sometimes you face difficult scenarios. We went to Moscow for the quarters and found a plastic pitch, still we played and won.”

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