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Newcastle’s Carver Shrugs Off Debuchy Describing The Club As Stepping Stone To Arsenal

Mathieu Debuchy 1

Reports are out claiming that Newcastle United boss John Carver has shrugged off Mathieu Debuchy describing the club as a stepping stone to Arsenal.

Carver is pragmatic about the club’s place in the pecking order now.

“That is his opinion, his mind process,” Carver told the Evening Chronicle.

“When Matty Debuchy was here I never got that impression. So you can’t be critical of him in particular because of what he has done and how he has done it.

“Look at (Gareth) Bale. He went to Spurs, and is now at Real Madrid. In his head he may always have thought ‘I want to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona’.

“The fact he has ended up there, you can’t be critical of that. The kid Matty in particular, has progressed.

“He got a step up to the Premier League (with us), did ever so well for us and got the opportunity to go to Arsenal and we couldn’t stand in his way, let’s be honest.”

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