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Number 7 to Owen and No More Signings?

So the big news for Man Utd fans today is that there will be no more signings this summer, according to Sir Alex Ferguson, or could it be that the number 7 going to Owen is the bigger news of the day?

‘It is the end of our business, so all these stories about who were are supposed to be getting – forget it,’ said Ferguson.

The majority of the guys over at ROM think that giving the number 7 to Owen is a mistake, i mean the likes of Cantona, Beckham and Ronaldo had that number before Owen, at 29-years-old is he the right one to bear that number or is Sir Alex simply rubbing it in for his best buddy Rafa Benitez and Co?

And if you think Owen shouldn’t have received the number 7, who should it go to? Valencia? Obertan? Nani? Anderson?

Personally i think the number should have gone to Rooney, he is the only one at the moment that looks likely to stay and perform in a red shirt well enough to be remembered as a good numero 7.

And as if giving the number to Owen wasn’t enough, Sir Alex drop a bombshell by proclaiming that he is done all his signings for this summer, he would have loved to have Benzema but that’s about it and Owen – Valencia – Obertan are only newbies this coming season.

Ferguson has also lost striker Carlos Tevez, who is expected to sign for rivals Manchester City, while Bayern Munich Franck Ribery appears to have fallen off the radar.
He has also been linked with big-money moves for Sergio Aguero, Samuel Eto’o and Zlatan Ibrahimovic but he now looks set to keep with his current squad.

What do you think about that? should he spent and bring in more players? how about Eto’o who is begging to be considered?

I think it’s a very bold move by Sir Alex, a combination of not getting his target (benzema) and the current economic climate has also forced his hand into this decision, although i would not be surpise at all if he does pull a u-turn and bring in one more player (*cough* Eto’o *cough*)

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