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Philippe Coutinho Pleased With Sturridge Partnership

Liverpool midfielder Philippe Coutinho has admitted that he gets along with teammate Danny Sturridge on and off the pitch.

Philippe Coutinho

The young attacking duo have been outstanding in the opening weeks of the new season.

The Brazilian international said : “Daniel is scoring quite a few goals and, hopefully, he will help us in this match,”.

“That’s what we want. He is an excellent footballer. He’s always making his runs at the right time and sometimes he teaches me a few phrases on the pitch in English.

“He helps us combine and that’s the good thing about the relationship we have. He’s fantastic to play with. Could he play for Brazil? Of course. He’s similar to a Brazilian player in his style because he’s quick with the ball at his feet. He also scores a lot of goals.

“We’re always joking and I’m always telling him he needs to learn Spanish! He’s a fantastic guy.”

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