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PREMIER LEAGUE : Arsenal 1-0 Norwich City – TALKING POINT

Arsenal 1-0 Norwich City - TALKING POINT


How does Arsene Wenger mend his broken relationship with Arsenal fans? It was hard not to dwell on the surreal atmosphere at the Emirates Stadium as Arsenal played out a dire first half, failing to once test Norwich goalkeeper John Ruddy. Welbeck’s introduction and impact after the break will be greeted as a minor victory by the shrinking ‘Wenger Knows Best’ brigade, but it is clear that a significant – and vocal – faction of Arsenal supporters know longer have any confidence in their manager to solve the club’s long-term problems. Equally, it’s hard to see Wenger walking away from Arsenal as long as he retains the support of the board and keeps the club in the Champions League. But something has to give if anger is not to give way to apathy among Arsenal’s fanbase as they watch a team stuck on repeat.

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